Journal Article: Black educators in (white) settings: Making racial identity visible in Early Childhood Education and Care in England, UK

Hi all,

I’m very excited to share details of my first journal article. You can access it within the Journal of Early Childhood Research here.

Here is the abstract:

The participation of Black educators in the UK’s education system has been a source of much debate in recent years. Research indicates having a teaching force that better represents society is critical because of the character, ubiquity, pervasiveness, duration and importance of teaching as a social activity. However, to date, many of the existing studies have taken place in primary, secondary and higher education contexts. The primary purpose of this paper is to draw upon concepts of identity to make Black educator identity visible in the Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) context. Secondly, this paper aims to contribute to recent developments around mobilising Black studies as an academic discipline by seeking to explore how Black ECEC educators construct their identity through their professional practice. This paper draws on Critical Race Theory and narrative analysis methods to illustrate the experiences of Black ECEC educators. While this paper does not generalise to the experience of all Black educators, it does highlight a much under-researched area and advocates the need for counter-narratives to challenge normative unracialised experiences.

Here’s a bit of how I conclude this paper:

Moving beyond the notion of race as something that is irrelevant, or inappropriate at this level of education, towards a more critically informed understanding of what kinds of influence that minoritised educators can have is crucial in addressing experiences of racism in educational spaces. Black studies remains a relatively new field in academia and the paucity of research on the Black educator in ECEC, combined with the data presented, therefore justify a need to continue to on the experiences of those in the ECEC profession.

I’m also really happy to share on an individual basis, I have done this with plenty of people already, academics or not. Don’t hesitate to contact me on my institutional email



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