Foregrounding racial equalities in the Birth to 5 Matters guidance – Dec 20

This is a piece of writing by Liz Pemberton and myself that considers the need to address racial equalities as part of the broader equalities drive within the forthcoming alternative EYFS guidance. I enjoyed writing this with Liz, it feels fair and well-balanced. Enjoy 🙂

In this article, we share our thoughts around equalities in relation to a survey in October and subsequent report on the results of the first Birth to 5 Matters practitioner online survey. We both believe it is necessary to ensure that race is not omitted nor given lesser importance within the conversation about equalities within the Early Years. This piece will outline our motivations for amplifying why we believe this, and look at the previous documentation that has been presented to provide historical context. Finally, we outline the potential harm for non-white children that we will see repeated for future generations if racial inequalities are not tackled within the profession.

In the contemporary moment, with a renewed interested in anti-racist pedagogies and the ongoing need to address racism in all forms within early years provision, the results of the first Birth to 5 Matters survey provided us with a useful opportunity to reflect on the interest in foregrounding equalities within any alternative guidance…

See full article here:

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