NW Feature: Hopes and dreams for 2021

Happy New year all,

A short piece of writing on my hopes and dreams for 2021 is now available in Nursery World. It’s always nice to be asked and I feel as if I could probably write an essay on all my hopes for the early years profession!

See text and download link below, and you can access the Nursery World article (£) here.

‘To have hope for the future is to feel that our aims for the kind of society we wish for have not been recognised in the present. Black and minoritised people have always hoped: we have hoped that our voices will be listened to, we have hoped that we will have a voice at the table and, most importantly, we have hoped that the ordinary and structural racism we continue to face will come to an end.

‘The early years has a critical role to play here, where we might begin to sow the seeds for a generation of children who are taught about and equipped to deal with the effects of racism before they have to confront it themselves in the real world, where we might teach children what it means to have a racial identity rather than leaving them to work it out for themselves. This is what I hope for, nothing less.

Shaddai Tembo

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